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Increased reliance on cellphones has led to a rise in the number of people who  use the devices while driving. There are two dangers associated with driving  and cellphone use, including text messaging. First, drivers must take their eyes off the road while dialing. Second, people can become so absorbed in their conversations that their ability to concentrate on the act of driving is severely impaired, jeopardizing the safety of vehicle occupants and pedestrians. Since the first law was passed in New York in 2001 banning hand-held cellphone use while driving, there has been debate as to the exact nature and degree of hazard. 

Gujarat Police Constable Exam Paper | Gujarat Police Model Paper PDF Download

Gujarat Police Model Paper 2021 :The latest research shows that while using a cellphone when driving may not be the most dangerous distraction, because it is so prevalent it is by far the most common distraction in crashes and near crashes. Research: Studies about cellphone use while driving have focused on several different aspects of the problem. Some have looked at its prevalence as the leading cause of driver distraction. Others have looked at the different risks associated with hand-held and hands-free devices. Still others have focused on the seriousness of injuries in crashes involving cellphone users and the demographics of drivers who use cellphones. Of increasing concern is the practice of texting.

Police Model Paper 2021 :In January 2010 the National Safety Council (NSC) released a report that estimates that at least 1.6 million crashes (28 percent of all crashes) are caused each year by drivers talking on cellphones (1.4 million crashes) and texting (200,000 crashes). The estimate is based on data of driver cellphone use from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and from peer-reviewed research that quantifies the risks using cellphones and texting while driving. 

Gujarat Police Model Paper 2021 In July 2009 Virginia Tech Transportation Institute released a study showing that the risk of texting while driving is far greater than previous estimates showed and far exceeds the hazards associated with other driving distractions. Researchers used cameras in the cabs of trucks traveling long distances over a period of 18 months and found that the collision risk became 23 times higher when the drivers were texting. The research also measured the time drivers stopped looking at the road and used their eyes to send or receive texts. Drivers generally spent nearly five seconds looking at their devices before a crash or near crash, a period long enough for a vehicle to travel more than 100 yards at typical highway speed

Gujarat Police Model Paper PDF :There is now a consensus among the scientific community that the climate is changing, with potential risk to the global economy, ecology, and human health and well being. But how much of this is due to natural phenomena and how much to the effects of human activity is a matter of debate. Also unknown is the extent to which weather patterns have already been affected. As assumers of risk, insurers seek to mitigate potential losses every day through a process known as risk management. Since climate change could lead to losses on a scale never before experienced, insurers are not waiting for  researchers to produce all the answers. A 2009 report by Ceres, a network of 

MODEL PAPER PDF POLICE companies concerned about global warming, identified some 244 insurance related organizations in 29 countries that were working in 2008 to find solutions to the threat posed by greenhouse gas emissions, up from 190 groups in 26 countries in 2007. Insurers are also redoubling their efforts in the more traditional areas of risk management, including alerting policyholders to the potential for lawsuits for failure to protect against or disclose possible harm to the environment.

Police Constable Model Papers 2021 Meanwhile, society’s concern about climate change offers insurers new avenues for leadership and new opportunities for innovative products. Global Warming: When fossil fuels—coal, oil and natural gas—are burned to produce energy, so-called greenhouse gases, largely carbon dioxide, are emitted into the atmosphere where they trap heat. Forests and oceans can absorb some of the carbon. But to avoid the most catastrophic effects of what is predicted to occur, researchers say, carbon emissions must be greatly reduced, hence the push to reduce overall energy use, boost the use of energy from renewable sources such as solar heat and curb the use of paper and other products made from trees, which absorb carbon dioxide in the process of photosynthesis.Global warming has the potential to affect most segments of the insurance business, including life insurance if rising temperatures lead to an up-tick in death rates. Property losses of all kinds are most likely to increase, and there is the potential for much higher commercial liability losses if shareholders and consumers try to hold businesses responsible for changes to the environment.

Police Bharti Model Papers :Insurers’ Contribution to Lowering Greenhouse Gases: Insurers, like companies in other industries, are promoting strategies to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Some insurers have been warning public policy leaders and the general public about the threat of climate change for years, and others were among the first to adopt public statements on the environment and climate change and to join business coalitions calling on the federal government to enact legislation to reduce greenhouse gases. Some, particularly reinsurers, are sponsoring research and working with others interested in the same kind of solutions, such as finding ways for individuals and society to adapt to extreme weather, particularly in developing countries.

Gujarat Police Bharti Exam Model Papers 2021 :Many insurance companies are committed to reducing their own total greenhouse gas emissions and offsetting the remainder through contributions to reforestation and renewable energy projects. They also encourage their employees to adopt “green” policies in their private lives. Some were involved in projects to reduce greenhouse gases even before such efforts gained widespread public attention, and many are now reinforcing their policyholders’ desire to reduce 

Police Constable Exam Model Papers :their carbon footprints by offering them paperless billing and documentation. Some have upgraded the quality of their Web sites to encourage policyholders to transact business electronically. At least one auto insurer sells policies exclusively online. Insurers are also working on another front: seeking to reduce the incidence and cost of property damage caused by those events that still occur, despite society’s best efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

Police Exam Model Paper PDF :New Products and Business Opportunities: Without insurance the economy could not function. Insurers essentially enable new products and services to be created by assuming the risk of loss. Just as they quickly adapted existing liability insurance policies for horse-drawn carriages, or teams of horses, to automobiles towards the end of the nineteenth century, so they are responding to climate change initiatives at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Model Papers PDF Police Opportunities exist on several fronts. First, there are new risks to insure, including new industries such as wind farms and other alternative fuel facilities, and emerging financial risks such as those involved in carbon trading. Insurance policies related to carbon trading protect those that invest in clean technology projects against failure of the project to deliver the agreed-upon emission rights. A number of companies are also offering their clients carbon project risk management consulting services. A carbon credit permits the holder to emit one ton of carbon. The Kyoto Protocol and other cap and trade systems now under discussion set ceilings for carbon output and allow those that produce less than the limit to sell credits to those that exceed it. Investors in clean technology projects such as reforestation and renewable energy buy the rights to credits and sell them in the international carbon trading market. Among the risks associated .

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