Download FlashBomb APK 2021

Download FlashBomb APK 2021

Download  FlashBomb APK 2021

Can’t go outside? Is it hard to stay home all day?

No problem! We can dance at home just like in a nightclub! lol

Anytime, Anywhere! You can make nightclub moods with FLASHBOMB!

As music plays,

As you shake your phone,

As you touch your screen,

Your phone lights flash!

When you have a home party with your friends,

When you’d like to dance alone in a room,

When you go to concerts or festivals,

Don’t hesitate to download FLASHBOMB!

You can create a new world at home

[Functions of Flash Bomb]

1. Sound : Enjoy a LaserShow with sounds~

2. Shake: Phone light flashes as fast as you shake your phone!

3. Touch: You can control your lights! When you touch the screen, the phone light turns on.

4. Beat: Bomby character will dance with you with your tempo!

5. Turn on: The brightest lights are on.

6. Fastest: Phone light flashes like a strobe!! Just keep pressing any button.

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