GSRTC Driver Document Verification List 2021

GSRTC Driver Important Notice regarding Driving Test 2021

GSRTC Driver Document Verification List 2021

(1) Advertisement No. issued by Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation for driver recruitment:
The result of the driving test given by the following candidates in GSRTC / 201920/1 is high.The result of the said test which is found to be defective in the investigation of the level committee is cancelled by the corporation and they
Non-personnel are advised to be present at the following place, date and time for re-driving test.
(3) Pass for free travel in ST bus to and from the place of residence (Ahmedabad)
For SC, ST caste candidates) The sample attached here is Annexure-B which is the website of the Corporation.
Download from https://gsrtc.in and fill in the required details and show it to the conductor at the time of travel.
GSRTC Driver Document Verification List 2021

Certificate of Experience attached with the prescribed specimen at Annexure-B_ Corporation's website https://gsrtc.inThe prescribed specimen should be brought as per the involved.With the creation of the file by arranging the documents as per the checklist placed on the website of the corporation https://gsrtc.in Will have to be brought.

The height of the candidate shall be measured only by the automatic machine authorised by the Corporation and the same height is valid.
No other certificate for height will be considered except that, fixed height as per height measurement.
Only qualified candidate will be taken driving test.
I will not be re-tested under any circumstances,All the documents will be checked only if the candidate gets 3 or more marks in the driving test. And if they do not have the required qualifications or the required weightage or the required details to pass the driving test then the application form will be cancelled.

License renewal will be broken and less than 3 merit due to reduction in your merit marks
If Marcus happens, your candidacy will be considered cancelled even if you have passed the driving test.

You do not qualify directly just by passing the driving test.

You have been called for driving test considering the details filled in the online application form filled by you.
But if your driving license is less than the prescribed 3 years, you will not be able to take the driving test.

If you are not present at the same day / time / place, there is no other chance of giving you a driving test. But will not be given under the circumstances.

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GSRTC Driver Document Verification List 2021