CIRCULAR -Vali Sammelan Yojava Babat

CIRCULAR -Vali Sammelan Yojava Babat -15th August 2021 ,Vali Sammelan,Vali Sammelan 2021

CIRCULAR -Vali Sammelan Yojava Babat -  On the above subject, to state that in the year 2022, social awareness and public awareness

In this regard, the of the village, educators, parents of the children studying in the school will be as aware, The more interested you are in the development of the school, the more vibrant and prosperous the school will be. Will send all children to school regularly for education and the indispensability of quality education Will understand. As a result good citizens will be formed by the school.  Only then will it instill good values ​​in the children. In this regard, all government primary schools in the state In order to organize parents' convention in schools as well as KGBV in the year 2021-22. is coming.

CIRCULAR -Vali Sammelan Yojava Babat -15th August 2021

1) Issues to be discussed at the Guardian Conference Or a discussion of the different activities of the whole discipline.

> Consideration and reflection on school education WSDP (Whole School Development Plan).

 > Discussion on school hygiene, toilet clean as well as clean water.

 -Children's admission regularity Quality of education.

 > Admission and special training programs for out-of-school children in the age group of 8 to 12 years Planning matter.

 > Children with special needs access to and use of CWSN equipment Information.

 Proper planning of transport and escort facilities.

> Drop out and meditate for girls education.

> Discussion on Gyankunj Project, School of Excellence Program. Consider cultural activities, sporting events. Consideration for use of plantation, water storage, green school, commuter lab.

(Ii) Who will be invited to the parents' convention. In addition to the members of SMC / KMC in the school Parents of other studying children, elders of the area, village role models. The same people are educators with village motivators and hardworking personalities.

(2) Discussion of activities in schools In the first session in all SMCKMC on the occasion of Independence Day on  Parents will have to plan to celebrate the convention.

2) To take special care of the following in the parents' convention

1. To strictly follow the guideline to the members coming to the parents' convention (Covid-19). Is stated.

 2. Effective planning and monitoring should be done for the conditions of success of the parents' conference.

3. To keep a detailed note of the guardian meeting and to get signatures in the visit book and Documentation will have to be done.

 4. It is important to see that the suggestions made in the parents' conference are implemented immediately.

 5. The time of the parents' meeting should be suitable for the village leaders as well as the parents.

6. Sheet of the Guardian Convention (District Consolidation Sheet) has been prepared and attached herewith.

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