CIRCULAR - Gyankunj Shikshak Talim Paripatra


Gyankunj project (Phase-2 year 2019-20) per class of Gyankunj schools included Refresher training is planned for a nodal teacher.  As per training plan

 It has been decided to provide training in phases according to the maximum number of teachers in a batch Is.  This includes training of district wise batches.The e-content, software and tools available under Gyankunj Smart Class in this training Use and management of the entire smart class, solving common problems (basic)troubleshooting) as well as the use of e-content and classroom interactivity within the smart class.

 An understanding of smooth classroom work will be provided.

 The entire planning of this training is M / s.  Bennett Coleman & Company Ltd (BCCL)

 It has to be done as well as the district MIS.  The coordinator provides the necessary coordination and collaboration

 Will have to provide.  Required for proper management and monitoring of training as per instructions given below

 The command is requested:

 1. Training in each batch will be one day through Microsoft Teams, including

 According to the session wise schedule, the total training period will be 08 hours and 30 minutes.

2. As shown in the training plan which at the district level may.  Technical Service Person of BCCI

 (TSP) will have to train as an expert.

 3. Fixed number per school as per batch plan involved in the training (Gyankunj classroom)

 Batch wise date for refresher training of Gyankunj classroom nodal teachers as per number

 And Link to Microsoft Teams for Training All Teachers by Assigning Trainee Teachers

 At the same time, necessary orders have to be made at the school level.

 4. Interactive white board, laptop (LMS and other) available in Gyankunj classroom at school level

 With software) and with the help of projector Gyankunj nodal teacher including teaching work in Std. 8 and 9

 A clear instruction to all the teachers of  to attend the refresher training and get the complete training Will have to give.

 5. The time of training in each batch should be decided from the district level as per local convenience.

 6. The maximum number of trainee teachers in each batch will be 50.

 Attendance of trainee teachers in each batch should be ensured in this refresher training as well as

 Sent a report with a detailed photograph of the number of teachers present at the training Will have to give.

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