Hearing test, Audiogram Android Application


 Hearing test, Audiogram Android Application

It is hard to realize that you have problems with your hearing. Regular monitoring of your hearing with the help of our application can assess the level of your hearing and reduce the anxiety you feel thinking about its condition.Pure-tone audiometry determines the degree of hearing loss in relation to the sound frequency. The test consists in determining the quietest sound that you are able to hear, thus determining your hearing threshold. The digits-in-noise test evaluates speech intelligibility and consists of recognition of the digits in the noise.


-- graphic representation of test results and text description;

-- test hearing conducted with the help of 8 tone signals of different frequencies (from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz);

-- control of hearing changes by comparison with previous results;

-- comparison of test results with the norm for your age;

-- comparison of test results with results of another person;

-- sending test results by email to a doctor;

-- exporting test results for automatic adjustment of the application Petralex hearing aid.

Note (denial of responsibility):

The application is not a piece of medical equipment or software with corresponding certification and does not replace hearing test conducted by a specialist. The results of test hearing in the Application cannot be used as a basis for diagnosis.

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