List of 11 Best Books for Teachers to Read - By Mahesh Maheta Sir (Deputy Director of Education, COS, Gandhinagar)


 List of 11 Best Books for Teachers to Read :Reading is conducive to the growth of knowledge for everyone, and Amy is expected to continue reading, especially for all KG siblings teaching from KG to PG level, to learn about the innovative endeavors in education, pedagogy, self-development and education. 

The growing influence of social media has hindered the reading of books somewhere.But let us present a list of 11 books worth reading for the teachers, the reading of which will be very useful for them to understand the whole education as well as to cultivate personal qualities as well as in their daily dealings with students and parents. - 

સંકલન  - મહેશ મહેતા ,  નાયબ શિક્ષણ નિયામક , COS ,ગાંધીનગર  

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