School Disaster Management Plan Committee File - શાળા આપત્તિ વ્યવસ્થાપન સમિતિ ટુકડી યાદી

School Disaster Management Plan Committee File - શાળા આપત્તિ વ્યવસ્થાપન સમિતિ ટુકડી યાદી :The Smart Safe School apps provide tools for schools and

School Disaster Management Plan  Committee File - શાળા આપત્તિ વ્યવસ્થાપન  સમિતિ  ટુકડી યાદી  :The Smart Safe School apps provide tools for schools and school districts to focus more on what is important – the safety, security and education of children. Students, staff and parents can now have easy access vital information such as school events, news, school conditions, health conditions and much more.


School News:

All school events are now available in your smartphone. Parents, students and staff can always have access to the school updates without digging through the school website for events.

Instant Notifications:

The Smart Safe School app will allow schools to send notifications directly to parents or specific groups of parents. The notification system will help schools streamline the communication process and ensure that parents get essential information as fast as possible. Our notification system can help ensure the safety of all by helping following the health guidelines

School Bus Location:

Students, staff, and parents can now view the real-time location and when their bus will arrive at the bus stop on their smartphone. The app will notify you when the bus is within five minutes of their stop.


Are you worried about your students' safety? Our SOS features help students in emergency situations. The SOS is used if a student needs urgent help. In other cases, students can also send a text request.

Inventory Management:

Inventory management plays a significant role in daily school activities. Our app will help you manage school items using a simple interface. You can track inventory information, item location, equipment maintenance data, financial information, and other necessary data.

Sanitizing Control:

Cleaning and maintaining classrooms and other school spaces is a fundamental responsibility for education institutions. Our app gives a report once every spot that needs to be cleaned is sanitized. Supervisors can access daily reports and receive notifications in case there was something not sanitized.

Health Checklist:

Our free-of-charge health check questionnaire can be customized to fit your local school regulations to optimize health check procedures. By optimizing these procedures, schools will help ensure the safety of students, staff, and the community as a whole. The questionnaire is built directly into our app, which will be used in conjunction with our website. Never forget to complete the health check questionnaire with the built-in reminder system that can be set to remind you any day of the week. The data from the questionnaire will never be stored or used by us; the only people who could see the information is you and your school. 

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