જન્મ તારીખનો દાખલો ના હોય તો વાલી પાસેથી લેવાના સોંગધનામાનો નમૂનો

જન્મ તારીખનો દાખલો ના હોય તો વાલી પાસેથી લેવાના સોંગધનામાનો નમૂનો

જન્મ તારીખનો દાખલો ના હોય તો વાલી પાસેથી લેવાના સોંગધનામાનો નમૂનો  : By compiling expert fund opinion, the U.S. News Mutual Fund Score offers a broad look at what some of the brightest minds conducting investing analysis have to say about some of your most important investments. Using ratings from Morningstar, Lipper, Zacks, TheStreet.com, and CFRA, we've built a one-of-a-kind, one-stop site for following your favorite funds. 

You can do more than just track whether a fund is up or down. Our data, rankings, and the U.S. News Mutual Fund Score provide a look at everything from a fund's track record to predictions of where it might head in the future. Each of the sources we rely upon rates funds in a different way. For example, Morningstar's rating looks at risk-adjusted historical returns.

while CFRA's rating takes into account the outlook for the individual underlying holdings of a fund. It's worth spending a little time to understand each of these rating systems, so be sure to check out the methodologies of our ratings sources. 

We've also profiled more than 100 of the largest mutual funds in terms of assets and have included quotations from fund managers, analysts, and respected newsletter writers alongside the vital fund-level data investors need to make intelligent choices. 

The U.S. News Mutual Fund Score isn't a buy or sell recommendation. Your unique investing needs can't be summed up by any rating or score. Instead, the U.S. News score offers an easy-to-use snapshot of expert opinion and information to make analyzing and understanding your mutual funds a simpler, more informed experience. 

Individual fund rating systems are normalized to a 100-point scale based on point totals assigned to individual scoring systems. For Morningstar's and CFRA's five-Star ranking and Zacks five-point scale, each star or point awarded would receive 20 points.

 In TheStreet.com's A-to-E scale, a highly rated "A" fund would receive 100 points, while a low-rated "E" would receive 20 points. The five Lipper Leader categories are each worth a total of 20 points, giving 4 points 

 each 1-to-5 point scale assigned to each section of the Lipper rankings. The U.S. News score is calculated by dividing total points awarded according to the above system by the number data sources (5). The combined U.S. News Mutual Fund Score ranks funds numerically based on this score. Funds with identical scores to one decimal place are awarded the same numerical ranking. Source:US NEWS

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