Vidyanjali Program School Registration @ vidyanjali.education.gov.in

Vidyanjali Program School Registration @ vidyanjali.education.gov.in Regarding registration on Vidhajali portal under Vidyanjali program, Vidyanjali

Vidyanjali Program School Registration @ vidyanjali.education.gov.in

Regarding registration on Vidhajali portal under Vidyanjali program,

Vidyanjali is a special initiative by the Ministry of Education, Government of India to develop schools across the country through the Vidhajali program, which connects schools with the community / community and the private sector. The Vidyajali program will connect schools with various volunteers such as young professionals, school alumni, in-service and retired teachers / government officials / professionals, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and all others.

Vidyanjali Program School Registration @ vidyanjali.education.gov.in

A portal has been prepared by the Ministry of Education, Government of India for the implementation of this program. To go to the portal through the website https://viklyanjali.education.gov.in the school has to register itself on the vigilance portal with its primary information. After registration. The school will have to post a request with the details of service / activity or assets material resources for the required external collaboration volunteers who are registered on the portal. They will show their interest on the portal for requesting service / activity or assets / content device based on the request post. The school will authorize the volunteer to participate in service activities or assets / materials.

Service under Vidyajali program i.e. Yoga, Art & Craft, Vocational Education, Language Education, Assistance to children with special needs, Request post for help in preparation like Competitive Exams.

In addition to counselors and special educators, counselors for mental health and well-being, participation in sports and cultural programs, health and hygiene resources, self-defense training for girls, etc. Will be able to post requests for digital infrastructure as well as a variety of resources.

At the district level, for the implementation of the program as well as effective management, the Deputy District Education Officer will have to handle the work as the District Nodal Officer. Login details for the district will be made available by the State Office. It will be seen that all the schools of the district are registered on the portal. For more information, please visit the portal with USER MANUAL. This is accompanied by a guide to the program.

In view of the above, all the government and grant aided primary and secondary schools in your district are instructed to take necessary action as per the guidelines attached to the national portal on the electricity portal and to get the contribution as well as the services.

The new education policy seeks to transform all levels of education in India through the active participation of society as well as the private sector in achieving its goals and objectives.

The Department of School Education and Literacy of the Ministry of Education has re-launched Vidyanjali https://vidvanjali.education.gov.in/en with amendments. New (3/12) will help the community / volunteers to directly contact and engage in the government and government aided schools of their choice as well as to contribute in the form of soft skills as well as assets / materials / tools, based on interest by the volunteer / contributor, school authority service activity and / Or assets will evaluate the eligibility of the volunteer / contributor according to the procedure outlined in this guide for the specification of the content.

A detailed guide to the Vidyajanli web portal is attached herewith. This guide provides detailed information on categories for contributions, methods, role of schools, role of volunteers, role of nodal officers, code of conduct, special guidelines for States / UTs and autonomous bodies as well as termination of services. Also included is a list of categories for contributions to services / activities and contributions for assets / materials / equipment, Appendix-1 and Appendix II, respectively. In addition, you will be able to get detailed user manuals for school, district and regional nodal officers and volunteers from the portal.

After studying the above details and the accompanying guide, appendix and user manual, all government and aided schools in your district are requested to immediately register on the Vidyanjali web portal as well as to make extensive use of the portal.

The Vidyanjali program allows volunteers to contribute to school service / activity based on their skills and area of ​​interest. Volunteers can contribute to the services / activities in the following two sections.

General level of service / activity

Sponsorship for the activity

A brief description of general level services / activities and sponsorship is given in the appendix.

Contributions in the form of assets / materials / tools

Vidyanjali also allows volunteers to contribute to a variety of assets / materials / equipment.

II. The categories of contributions mainly include civil infrastructure, electrical infrastructure, classroom support materials and equipment, digital infrastructure, equipment for co-curricular activities and sports, yoga, health and safety educational equipment, service and stationery, etc.

Assets / materials / equipment cannot be contributed in the form of financial aid.

The school may not use this platform for any financial support. The school may post a request for contribution from the volunteers for the assets / materials / equipment as per the pre-defined list mentioned in Appendix-11 attached herewith. IV.

Method of contribution

Volunteers may make a loving or full contribution subject to the following terms and conditions in schools where the school has posted a request for a service activity or asset content tool. If the contribution made by the volunteer to the school is less than the demand raised by the school (the actual requirement of the school), i.e., the school demand does not meet the requirement, the school request will be open to other volunteers. I. In case where the school has received more contribution from the volunteer than the demand / requirement requested by the school, the school will accept the contribution as per its requirement and inform the volunteer in other schools who have made similar request to make the remaining contribution. In case where the contribution received is equal to the demand made by the school The request post will be closed.

The role of the school i. School Registration Schools with Unified District Information System for Education Plus (UDISE +) code will have to register on the Vidyanjali portal by providing their UDISE-code, registered mobile number and one-time password received on the registered mobile number. ii. Posting a Request for Contribution: Depending on the number of students and their needs, available physical infrastructure, availability of human resources and other resources at the school, the school will be able to post a list of required services / activities or assets / tools on the web portal app. iii. To shortlist volunteers for the meeting, based on the list of services / activities or assets / materials requested by the school as per the above issue No. 
(ii) and the interest shown by the volunteer, Shortlists will be selected for their potential contribution after evaluation on the basis. iv, Dialogue / Discussion with Volunteers A face-to-face or virtual meeting will be organized by the school to find out the details of the assets / materials proposed for the field or contribution of the volunteer. The dialogue with the volunteers will determine how the school can take advantage of the / 5/12 contribution based on the specified time of the school or the time it can contribute assets / materials / equipment, 

The following should be included in the comprehensive outline of the interview and evaluation of the volunteer profile. Special skills, qualifications and relevant experience required, The final selection will be made by the school after checking the precedents and grounds of the volunteers by the school authority on the basis of specific guidelines given by the concerned state government in this regard. . The final decision will be based on the volunteer's dialogue / discussion with the school authority. 

v Ensuring the participation of volunteers; The school may contract with the selected volunteer. The school may also issue a certificate to encourage the volunteer to contribute to the school. The agreement and certificate are not part of the Vidyanjali portal and the school will be able to arrange for it separately. 

vi. No funds / salary / honorarium will be given to the volunteer for contribution. vi. It will be the responsibility of the schools / school administration to carry out all background checks, assessment of abilities etc. of the volunteers. In case of any problem in this regard, the entire responsibility rests with the school / school administration.

Registration on Vidyanjali web portal / mobile app Volunteer can register as an individual, non-governmental organization (NGO) or organization (except NGO) and complete the profile by providing mobile number and email id.

ii. The volunteer will be able to find the desired school based on the state, district, block and school name. The volunteer will be able to see the onboarding status of the school and the contribution requests made by the school.

iii. List of Contributions: Based on the request list posted by the school, the volunteer can find school requests based on his / her area of ​​interest / interest or assets and materials that he / she is willing to contribute.

Application for Contribution: After examining the details, the volunteer may decide to apply for the activity of contributing assets and materials for a particular school based on his / her area of ​​interest / interest. Volunteers may be interested in making a partial / full contribution to the schools' request.

If the school to which the volunteer wants to contribute is not in the list of schools registered on the school portal or has not requested for a specific contribution, the volunteer may send a request for onboarding to the school.

vi. If shortlisted by the school, the volunteer who applied for the school contribution may interact with the school based on the information received from the school. On the selection process he has to contribute to the activity or property and materials as agreed by the school.

vii. Volunteers can give feedback to the school on the contribution experience as well as get feedback from the schools.

vii. Volunteers will be regularly updated for various events such as registration, meeting, invitation and selection for contributions.

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