Gujarat STD 9 to 12 Exam Time Table 2021


Gujarat STD 9 to 12 Exam Time Table 2021 :Announced the program of the first test by the Board of Education From Std-9 in the stateThe first test of 12 -18 Will be taken from October

»Question papers for the first test Commerce, Psychology,Of Economics and Statistics subjects provided by the Board Question papers will be prepared by the Board of Examiners on 27th October and will be timetable.  This Papers of subjects other than parixa will be taken at school level 50 Must prepare 50 marks in Std.12 Science.  Across the state Board for MCA and 50 marks to be examined simultaneously Has announced the schedule of the exam, Descriptive questions will be asked by the district taking the first test Appointment as Nodal Officer Must be done by the Board of Education from Std-9.  Nodal officer The program of the first test of 12 revealed a confidential e-mail ID Have done.  Std-9 to 12 will have to be made in the state.  Of nodal officer.

Gujarat STD 9 to 12 Exam Time Table 2021
Gujarat STD 9 to 12 Exam Time Table 2021

The first test will be conducted simultaneously in Gujarati, Hindi and English subjects from October 18 Sealed copy of question papers in language taken during 27th October Will come.  The question papers for this test are 12 days before the examination i.e. 5 Will be provided by the Board.  The schools gave a face-to-face meeting on October Mandatory will be provided by the Board.  Nodal officers for this To accept the meeting and question paper only as per the question paper and time sheet Examination will have to be held.  Present at the Board office on 5th October for the examination The course has to be from June to September. Will be taken into consideration.  Prepared by the standard board in the first test 9 to 12 Use 20 question papers in general stream in the same examination Objective questions of marks and 80 marks will have to be done.  Of other question papers There will be descriptive questions.  While Standard-12 cannot be used.  In addition MCQ of 50 marks in Science and 50 time sheet can also be changed There will be descriptive questions of marks.  No.  The first test question papers from June According to the information received, the course till Gujarat September Will be prepared corresponding to secondary and higher secondary.

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Academic announced by the Board of Education this time considering the reduced curriculum According to the calendar, the first of Std-9 to 12 will not have to be taken.  Standard-9 to 11 And Test October 18 to October 27 Standard-12 20 per cent for general Stream Will be held in the meantime.  These are objective questions and 80 percent descriptive There will be program questions by the board regarding the exam.  When Standard-12 Science Has been revealed.  In addition to 50 percent MCQ and 50 percent

There will be descriptive questions with instructions on the exam.Found to be.  According to this question paper of standard-9 and standard-11The examination will be held from 18 to 27 October with 50 marks and 2 hours.

 In the meantime, the question paper of Std. 10 is 80 Gujarat By the board in Std-9 and 10 and 3 hours while Std-12Gujarati, Mathematics, Science and Question Paper of 100 marks and 3 hours Social Science, Std-11 and 12 will be question paper district.  Education Officer English in Science, Chemistry, Biology, Printing and sending to school Physics and math will be general as well and take its cost from Law English, the basics of Nama, will have to be levied in the stream.