Swachhta Pakhwada 2021 | Swachhta Pakhwada Celebration 2021 l Swachhta Pakhwada Aayojan File 2021

Swachhta Pakhwada 2021 | Swachhta Pakhwada Celebration 2021

 Swachhta Pakhwada 2021 | Swachhta Pakhwada Celebration 2021 :The Government of India has decided to celebrate "Swachhta Pakhwada" from the year 2015 came.  Which is overseen by the Government of India in coordination with the State Governments and Union Territories Is done by all ministries. Like every year, this year also Dt.  All the states during 01 to 18 September, 2061 "Sanitation fortnight" will be celebrated in primary schools.  Covid - of 19 Teachers and students in primary schools will have to participate in accordance with the guideline.  In which The teachers of the school will have to inform the students about the cleanliness and maintenance of the school. The following activities should be carried out during the clean fortnight. Hygiene fortnight in school u institutions with the participation of students, teachers and community Covid related preparations should be encouraged. Covid 19 in school institutions.  19 Concerning the epidemic

The following three things should also be emphasized. 

 (1) Hands should be washed with soap (2) Appropriate maskUse (3) Maintain social distance and ૩ TS (trace, test and treatment).The following operations should be done keeping in view the guideline of Covid 19.On the first day of the fortnight all primary schools will have to take an oath of cleanliness.  In which All teachers and students of the school through virtual medium and maintaining social distance  Will have to participate.

2. In the first week through SMCs / PTAs between teachers and parents through virtual medium and The meeting will have to be organized while maintaining social distance.  Including the importance of hygiene and hands Washing, use of masks, social distance should be encouraged.

3. Teachers to inspect water and sanitation facilities in each school / institution and if required So make a proposal for repair and maintenance of facilities.

4. For clean and well maintained spaces and toilets in schools Competitions will have to be organized in district / taluka clusters

5. Picture essay writing quiz competition for students on hygiene and cleanliness in schools Must be done through virtual means.

 6. Messages for hygiene awareness should be posted on the website of the school / institution / department and  Hygiene photographs should be displayed in the school.

 7. All the teachers of the school and the head of the school as per the module posted on DIKSHA portal  Online training will be required.

 8. As the hygiene ambassador of the students of the school and as the nodal officer to the principal of the school Will have to be appointed.

 Following the guideline of Covid 19 by the teachers and administrative staff of the schools

 Activities will have to be done.

 1. E-Office and e-filing system should be used.

 2. Bean will have to destroy the necessary substances in the school premises.

 3. Single use plastic should be banned in school premises.

 4. Hygiene should be promoted by teachers and students.

 5. Stop using single use plastics and reduce (reuse, reuse and Recycle) Awareness should be given to follow the principles.

 6. Frequently used spaces should be cleaned daily.

In addition, the following activities to promote hygiene campaign and bring mass awareness To be carried out.

 1. To motivate students / staff and others for sanitation and water conservation Audio visual program / IEC content must be created.

 2. Departments created electronic banners on the state web portal and to highlight the fortnight  Can be uploaded.  Publicity and awareness generation social media, as well as electronic and

This can be done through the use of print media. Suggested Action Plan for Sanitation Fortnight 2021 (01 to 18 September, 2011) Is included in the enclosure.  Necessary action will have to be taken accordingly.  Students, teachers, parents, locals People and other representatives etc. are required to provide cleanliness during 01 to 15 September 2021 Cooperation and Sanitation Pahwada are said to be successful. Participants in various activities and day-to-day activities during the clean fortnight Daily activities of schools and students Wise photographs, videos, films etc. Information of the school Must be uploaded by the principal on Google Tracker and Drive by 8.00 pm.Details of Google Tracker and Drive will be revealed later,

Daily Google Night Tracker will be on a daily basis for updates up to 9.00 pm various activities till 30. August 2021 to 15 September 2021.Selection of the best performing state based on their participation in the sanitation fortnightwill be done. Schools publish hygiene during regular hygiene lessons throughout the yearAnd hygiene related activities can be encouraged to continue Hygiene and hygiene activities throughout the year during school hygiene lessonsIn the meanwhile encouragement will have to be given as per regular routine.Ta.  Action Plan for Celebrating Sanitation Fortnight from 01 to 15 September 2021Ta.  01/09/21 (Wednesday) "Swachhta Shapath Divas"

 First of all teachers, staff and all students of schools and educational institutions The day will have to take a vow of cleanliness while maintaining a virtually anti-social distance.  Including childrenTalking about hygiene and making a resolution (mask, safe distance, hand hygiene etc.) Hygiene / covid awareness message should be posted on the website of the department / institutions / schools. Cleanliness so that electronic banners can be created and uploaded to web portals Pathwada is followed.  Publicity and awareness generation social media as well as electronic and This can be done through the use of print media.Number of students who took the cleanliness oath and number of participating schools as well as the oath Uploaded photographs and videos and promotional materials to Google Tracker and DriveWill have to Ta.  07/09/2021 (Thursday) "Sanitation Awareness Day" The importance of hygiene and cleanliness and the importance of hand washing, the importance of masks and social distance Virtual meeting between children, parents and teachers of SMCs / SMDCs / PTAs to informTo organize.  As well as encourage and motivate them for cleanliness and hygiene in school as well aat home To do Teachers inspect and evaluate hygiene facilities in every corner of the school institutionTo be done and necessary planning to be done for the maintenance of facilities. Covid-19 hand washing facility, daily cleaning and disinfection, toilet Awareness about use, use of water facility, ventilation, waste management etc.Will have to be brought. A  To inspect the water facility under the Water Life Mission. Inquiry into the status of water storage systems in schools during the rainy season till November 2021And a growth plan can be undertaken. Extensive cleaning of toilets, kitchens, classrooms, fans, doors, windows, disinfection on campus To carry out.  This with the participation of local community SMCs / PTAs and local representatives May be involved in activities Google the number of participating schools, photographs and videos and promotional materials Upload to Tracker and Drive.  

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