LIVE - Shikshak Parv 2021 - Shikshak Din Ujavni Paripatra 2021 | શિક્ષક દિન 2021

Shikshak Din Ujavni Paripatra 2021 | શિક્ષક દિન 2021

 Shikshak Din Ujavni Paripatra 2021 | શિક્ષક દિન 2021  :  You are well aware that every year 5th September is celebrated as "Teacher's Day"Regarding conducting a program on the occasion of "Teacher's Day" on September 2021 as well. The district is requested to take action as follows.

 (1) Grant will be allotted by the office here for district and taluka level rewards. The cost of the award program from the grant will have to be managed at the district level.

(2) As per the guidelines of coVID-19 by the local celebration committee for the Teacher's Day program. Being present, maintaining social distance, will make 1 program a success.

(3) Planning as per the guidance received by the local celebration committee for conducting Teacher's Day program

 (4) During the Teacher's Day program, maximum contribution is collected for each district on the occasion of Teacher's Day.The goal is to achieve and maximize contribution Organizing the program.

 (5) The date of collection of this contribution is 5th September, starting from Teacher's Day for one week. To be friends.

 (6) The amount of contribution collected during this program shall be deposited in the following details. Cum Contribution Organizing Officer

Primary School Governing Officer of Nagar Shikshan Samiti, concerned Nagar Mahanagar Shikshan Committee Taluka Development Officer of the taluka related to the primary schools managed by the District Panchayat and And private primary schools District Primary Education Officer

Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools District Education Officer And private secondary and higher Secondary schools

Colleges and University affiliated institutions District Education Officer

PTC Colleges District Education OfficerTo keep daily account of the amount of contribution collected by the above officers Will be and as soon as the week of raising contributions is completed in the bank mentioned below and stated The concerned officers will have to take immediate action to deposit the account. 

Appeal to the industrial complex industrialists of the district to contribute generously on the occasion of "Teacher's Day"In the program to be chosen to give, the number of members increases according to the guidelines of  Covid 19

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