UDISE FORM 2021 - UDISE CIRCULAR 2021,:You are well aware that under the entire education, the state as on September 30 every year Collection of infor

UDISE FORM 2021 - UDISE CIRCULAR 2021 :You are well aware that under the entire education, the state as on September 30 every year Collection of information in UDISE form of all schools having standard 1 to 12 Is performed. Ministry of Education of the Government of India has expanded UDISE online from the year 2020-21UDISE + (Extended UDISE).  As per the instruction of the Ministry of Education, the current year is 2020

District Educational Information Sheet (UDISE + Data Capture Format) for the current year 2020-21 .All levels of operation to be done through UDISE + online application (http://udiseplus.gov.in)Will remain. In this regard, to inform you that in the current year 2020-21, your district's Std-1 to 12All the standard schools like primary, upper primary, secondary and higher. Secondary schools are asked to get information under UDISE +.  Any of these schools .Management such as Government, Ashram School, Private Granted, Private Non Granted, Central Government, Model School,All schools run by Jawahar Navodaya or any other management. It is hereby instructed to obtain the mandatory information in the UDISE form.

 Under the entire education scheme, at the district level as well as at the state level, primary, higher primary,Annual preparation for secondary and higher secondary level educational planning.In the budget and in education policy planning as well as policy planning related to education as well as education U-DISE information is supported at the state and national level in making policy decisionsTimes it is used.In addition, under section 12.1 (c) of the RTE Act 2009, the weak and disadvantaged groupsTo give free admission to children in non-subsidized private primary schools in Std-1 In process, at school level under NMMS- National Meani Cum Merit Scholarship Scheme Exam.The U-DISE code of the school is mandatory in the form of students filling online as well as recruitment of teachers .Support only UDISE's year-wise teacher record as a basis for teacher experience in the processConsidered.

 In addition, your district's enrollment rate, dropout rate, school information, enrollment andTeacher information can be easily obtained from UDISE.  Also Performance Grading Index(PG) Ranking is done from the information of UDISE from which in the field of education all over India.The rank of the state / district is decided.  Thus you are aware of the importance of UDISE DATA. Section 19 (2) of the Right to Education (RTE) Act 2006 and Gujarat Right to Sample of Rule-13 (1) (j (h)) and accompanying Appendix-2 in Educational Rules 2018.It is mandatory for every school to provide this information as per conditions 10 and 12.  About this

 All the above schools are required to be registered under DISE +.To organize the way in which all the schools give information of UDISE in the year 2020-21 Is stated.  If a school refuses to provide this information, the BRC of that areaDISE form and RTE Act .Understanding, the primary responsibility for obtaining UDISE information from the school rests with the CRC. Co-ordinator And B.R.C.Co Ordinator  Even if the school does not provide information, it is recognized .The officer directed to take disciplinary action till the de-recognition of such school is canceled immediately is coming.  Such as the District Primary Education Officer for Primary / Higher Primary School and To the Govt. Officer as well as to the District Education Officer for Secondary / Higher Secondary School

The school is asked to take disciplinary action up to immediate revocation of accreditation. The district level will have to take necessary action regarding the operation of UDISE keeping in view the following matters. (1).  District MIS  Coordinator UDISE + Username of the district in the online applicationAnd by logging in with the password, you will have to check the details of the schools once in your block. (2).  District MIS  COA made a list of working schools in the academic year 2020-21Details of schools as per list in UDISE + online application such as, school management, school s20121 248 allanol fund (Operational, Close, Merge and Sanctioned but Not Operational)Etc. will have to be verified and only then UDISE + DCF will have to be printed as well Filled DCF form must be entered. (3).  All government ashrams, schools, models from district level as per district academic year 2020-21 Pre-Filled DISE + DCF of School, Model Day School, RMSA School and Granted SchoolsThe print out from the online application has to be removed and delivered at the taluka level.  WhileprivateSchool (Unaided), Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Railway School, Sainik School as wellEntry in UDISE + online application from school level of other central government run schools.Will have to be done.


UDISE Instructions about Filling U Dise Form