Gujarati Jodani Kosh ane Shabd Kosh

This app help you to find the correct spelling and meaning of Gujarati word

Application Features:
• Gujarati Words with its Origin, Type and Meaning
• Inbuilt Gujarati Keyboard (Write Gujarati using English Keyboard and use it like Gujarati Keyboard) 
• Offline Gujarati to Gujarati Dictionary
• Social Media Sharing
• List of Auto Suggest Words

Keyboard Help : 

To Type Halant or Jodakshar word press ^ 

e.g. દૃષ્ટિ = dru + Sh^ + Ti 
પૃથ્વી = pru + Th^ + vee  
નાટ્ય = naa + T^ + y 

About Sarth Jodani Kosh:
Gujarat Vidyapith and Gujaratilexicon have worked together on several initiatives. The most important project was creation of Digital Sarth Kosh - the digital version of the most popular Gujarati dictionary. Now this digital Sarth Kosh is also available on Mobile.