Download StoryLab -Insta Story Art Maker

Story & status design lab that provides collage layout templates.

If a story unfolds or if someone unfolds it, it is told to someone else. Let's unfold your story!

Story Lab is an instagram stories and status editor that helps you create beautiful ig collage layouts for Instagram story. Unique insta story and post will be made with the powerful customizable tool! You can use templates, or design your status and ins story on an empty canva and customize it with insta filter and overlay, text, stickers, brush. Using StoryLab, it is super easy to design amazing ins stories, Instagram posts, story collages, video status, wallpapers, even ig highlight cover icons and logo for Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. 

All you have to do is to select an artistic story or feed template, or just pick an empty canva of white background and whitagram editing it to make it your own, and then choose photos or videos from your camera roll. You can edit it with planoly, filter and overlay, text, stickers and brush features. Stretch out one finger to customize your amazing Insta chroma stories, Instagram posts, and video status right now. Use the easy editing tool to be an instagram editor, collage maker, feed planner, icon and logo maker or video editor in IG, Facebook and WhatsApp!

Highlight resources:
- Over 200 customizable collage and layout templates. Try to be an ins story artist!
- 9:16 story/status templates & 1:1 post templates.
- Different styles of frames and borders, including white border, Minimalism, Film, Polaroid, Japanese Nichi, Frames, Wreaths etc.
- Use awesome story/status templates to turn your pics art into pic collage and IG story art.
- Use the post templates to mix photos or design your own insta layout and collage art.
- Support both photos and videos.

- Dozens of high-quality background image, including Landscape, Marble, Ocean, Starry sky or Plant texture.
- Choose background to create your highlight cover icons. 
- Change the background color to match your photo and video.

- Type and tell your story with over 50 awesome handwriting fonts of handwriting.
- Make texts in Instagram story, ig feed and highlight cover icon more decent with tools like spacing, aligning features.
- Be a moodboard writer in high quality with chroma, gradient, golden, watercolor, glitter and magic writing texture.

- Decorate your insta stories with beautiful stickers.
- Choose from over 300 stickers, covering styles of Retro, Shapes, Brush, Stamp and more, to create unique highlight cover icons!
- Photo cut out tool enables you to create custom stickers and highlight icon and combine them with fashion ins preset stickers.
- Update more ins stickers of new trends and different styles constantly.

- Save your story with over 100 stunning lightroom and VSCO presets and effects for photos and videos.
- Natural lightleak overlay filters add mojo to your insta story.
- More fx effects will be updated, including de luxe, glitch, VHS, prequel-like retro effects.

- Use two new brushes and over 100 textures to make the drawing Kirakira.
- More brush functions are waiting for Instagram artists and ins editors to unlock.

Download StoryLab to create story and post collage as you like. You will be surprised by how easy it is to design aesthetic stories and feed for your Instagram.
StoryLab - the best IG story maker for both videos and pictures.