HOME LEARNING Time Table 2022 | STD 1 to 12 Home Learning Time Table 2022

HOME LEARNING Time Table 2022 HOME LEARNING Time Table 2022 | STD 1 to 12 Home Learning Time Table 2022

 HOME LEARNING Time Table 2022 :Time sheet for academic work under "Home Learning" from february 2021. According to the above subject, it is not possible to call students to schools for academic work due to the current epidemic of the current academic year which started on 6th June, 2020. So that for the educational work of the students from the state level Std-1 to 5, Std-6 to 8 and Std 9 to 12. Content based video / educational lessons prepared for students from 9th to 12th through TV i.e. from DD Girnar channel has been started from 15th June-2020 and also virtual class for students from 8th to 12th Has been started.

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The purpose of this study was to spot the constraints of the web teaching and learning process reception as a result of the unprecedented situation with the pandemic COVID-19. The study used an exploratory case study, and for the research approach, a qualitative case study method was wont to obtain information about the constraints and consequences of the pandemic COVID-19 on teaching and learning activities in primary schools. during this study, the respondents were 15 teachers and fogeys of two primary schools in Tangerang, Indonesia. an inventory of semi-structured interview questions was developed supported the related literature and was wont to collect in-depth information.

Home Learning Time Table 2022

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STD 1 to 12 Home Learning Time Table 2022

 the respondents. The findings of this research revealed some challenges and constraints experienced by students, teachers, and fogeys in online learning. The challenges associated with students were: limited communication and socializing among students, a better challenge for college kids with education needs, and longer screen time. Parents saw the matter was more associated with a scarcity of learning discipline reception , longer spent to help their children's learning reception - especially for youngsters below Grade 4 in grade school , a scarcity of technology skills, and better internet bills.

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Teachers identified more challenges and constraints, including some restrictions within the alternatives of teaching methods normally applicable during a daily face-to-face class, less coverage of curriculum content, lack of technology skills that hinder the potential of online learning, the lacks of e-resources in Indonesian language leading to longer needed to develop e-contents, longer screen time as a results of e-content creating and giving feedback on students' work, more intense and time-consuming communication with parents, the challenge for better coordination with colleague teachers, principals, and a better internet bill.

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Doordarshan of Std-1 to 12 students in this regard - Under the educational work broadcast from DD Girnar, the hourly schedule of the study process for the month of 1 January 2021 to 15 January 2021 and the schedule of virtual class for the students of STD 9 to 12 are included with this so that all your district BRC / CRC in schools Parents through teachers are requested to convey this schedule to the students. Enclosure - Schedule of Std. 1 to 12 from July 2021.

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