CIRCULAR - Uchhtar Pagar dhoran ni Samjuti bahar Padva Babat


 CIRCULAR - Uchhtar Pagar dhoran ni Samjuti bahar Padva Babat -The FSA ID has replaced the Federal PIN. You will be prompted to create your FSA ID when you log on to the FAFSA website. Complete your FAFSA by March 15 using Ashland University’s school code 003012. Make every effort to complete federal tax returns in February to use actual tax information when filing your FAFSA. If that is not possible, please file your FAFSA on time with estimated tax figures and update your FAFSA when they are complete.  Watch "7 Easy Steps to the FAFSA" for a helpful tutorial.Review your offer on WebAdvisor. Incoming students receive the first Financial Aid Offer by mail along with instructions for viewing the offer electronically on WebAdvisor. Current students and registered incoming students whose offers are revised will receive notice through Ashland University email when their Financial Aid Offer is available for viewing. Be sure to check your Ashland University email account frequently for important notices from the Financial Aid Office.For any loans listed on your offer letter that you wish to take advantage of, complete the required processes if you have not already done so. If you wish to cancel or reduce any of your loans, please send us your request in writing to financialaid@ashland.edu. Federal Direct Loans listed on your offer will be processed unless you tell us otherwise.Organization is critical to understanding your bill and your financial aid. Information is communicated primarily to the student. Please read all communications from our office and keep necessary documents online or in a location where you can access them when you need them.

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